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Piano and Song

4 hours


This book talks about teaching, learning and performing on the piano in a delightful style, alternating between conversation and instruction. As he was the father of Clara Schumann and Robert Schumann's teacher, need I say more? (Summary by SandraG)


Narrator: sparks0314
Dominie: Algy Pug
Emma: Sarah Holtz
Friend: Marty Kris
Bessie: ChyAnne Donnell
Herr Zach: bish
Mrs Zach: Liberty Stump
Stock: Marty Kris
Mr Buffalo: Alan
Mrs Solid: Janet248
Emily: Sandra G
John Spriggins: bish
Mrs Spriggins: SallyMC
Lizzie: Sandra G
Mr. Shepard: Alan
Mrs N.: Nadine Eckert-Boulet
Fatima: Arielle Lipshaw
Mr Feeble: Alan
Mr Gold: bish
Mrs Gold: Liberty Stump
Mr Pious: David Lawrence
Mr Forte: Marty Kris
Mr Silver: David Olson

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