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A Yorkshire Tragedy

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A Yorkshire Tragedy: Not So New as Lamentable and True (1619) tells the gruesome tale of Walter Calverly who stabbed his wife and killed his two young sons in April 1605. This recording is based on the text of the second quarto, which was attributed to William Shakespeare on its title page.

This transcription is based on the 1619 quarto at the Boston Public Library. Students completed the transcription in the fall of 2013 for English 422 (Seminar on Renaissance Drama: Gender and Print) taught by Professor Tara Lyons at the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth.

Cast list:
Narrator: Michaela Cook
Raphe: Jen Dempsey
Oliver: Kaitlyn Kirk
Sam: Samantha Brescia
Wife: Stephanie Cunha
Husband: King Indeed
Gentleman 1: Melanie Lavoie
Gentleman 2: Erik Isaacson
Gentleman 3: Megan Gregoire
Servant: Emily Heroux
Master: Kelsey Wilbur
Son: Emma Cornila
Lusty Servant: Nichole T. Colleton
Maid: Sherrie Sousa
Knight: Melissa Jordan

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