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Easy Everyday Pranayamas

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Easy Everyday Pranayamas contains five different fourteen minute guided sessions suitable for everyone. The sessions are followed whilst sitting or lying and use a range of simple breathing exercises that will leave you feeling fantastic!
Pranayamas are yoga breathing exercises. They are the perfect way to help balance and increase energy flow within the body, clear the mind and induce a calm meditative state.
When performing pranayamas attention is directed to the breath, this helps prevent the mind from wandering allowing it to easily reach a state of meditation.
Pranayamas help the lungs maintain elasticity, they raise oxygen levels in the body, relax, calm and clear the mind and bring physical and emotional balance. Pranayamas also help to remove stagnant energy and any blockages in the energy channels.
The Easy Everyday Pranayama sessions are devised and instructed by Sue Fuller. Sue is the resident yoga expert for Natural Health Magazine, a leading yoga teacher, writer and training course author who has studied and practiced yoga, meditation and mindfulness since 1995. Sue has developed a method of clearly instructing specifically for audio classes and recorded this session in a professional recording studio.

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