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Winning His Spurs: A Tale of the Crusades

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Set in the late twelfth century during the Third Crusade, the Norman Conquest having occured not much more than a hundred years ago, Winning His Spurs is a tale of Christian heroism. Cuthbert, a fifteen-year-old village boy whose life is rather dull, is given his life's dream when, after showing heroic bravery in saving Margaret, the daughter of the Earl of Evesham, from Wortham Hold, he is hired as the page of the earl to serve in the war against the Muslims occupying Jerusalem. This brave young boy serves as a soldier in the Crusade, commits acts of heroism, rescues a Princess, and eventually, he "wins his spurs" as a knight and is promoted to Earl of Evesham himself! Are you ready to join Cuthbert and learn of his exciting adventures?Summary by Austin Gasiecki

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