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The Family Doctor: Hello There, This is the Family Doctor

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The Family Doctor was a family drama. Cedarton is a typical small town in an unnamed state, where you knew your neighbors and you could leave your doors unlocked. Today the show is a reminder of simpler times, when old-fashioned moral values were in full bloom and the sense of community was strong.

Adams is a kindly small town doctor who serves the citizens of Cedarton, tending their bodies as well as their souls. He is a pillar of the community, dispensing both medical advice and common sense wisdom to patients in need of both. Wise and humorous, Adams helps keep his patients on a moral path when they stumble while tending to their bodily ills. This includes an overweight policeman who's distrustful of strangers and the town gossip who hurts the feelings of others with her insensitivity.

Each episode is a combination of medical treatment and sage advice, not to mention drama such as dam burstings, robberies and attempted suicides, and it's easy to see that The Family Doctor was an early prototype...

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