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The Secret of the Seven Seeds: A Parable of Leadership and Life

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THE SECRET OF THE SEVEN SEEDS tells of the successful entrepreneur and writer David Fischman's struggle with his out-of-control life. In this fascinating and instructive audiobook, he reveals his personal story through the fictional character Ignacio Rodriguez.

Ignacio is a 40-something stressed-out entrepreneur who is utterly overwhelmed; he is at risk for a heart attack, he is losing money with his businesswhere employee morale is at an all-time low, and he has no time or energy for his family. As his life spins out of control, his doctor recommends meditation to regain balance. A spiritual guide helps Ignacio heal by finding his path in the secret of the seven seeds, the path to success and balance in life:

As Ignacio applies the seven seeds to his work life, he is transformed and becomes happier, more balanced, and ultimately more effective at work. This engaging parable is written for anyone who feels their life at work is spinning out of control. .

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