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Tom Swift and His Motorcycle

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FULL CAST AUDIO DRAMA - Young Tom Swift purchases a motorcycle and, being the inventor that he is, modifies it to his specifications in time to transport his father's new invention (a revolutionary turbine motor design) to Albany. However, a group of investors plan to steal the design for themselves, and send a gang of thieves after Tom as he travels the back-roads to Albany. Let your imagination take hold as you enter the theater of the mind with a full cast of actors, thousands of sound effects, and a thrilling original music score as the award winning Colonial Radio Theatre on the Air presents TOM SWIFT AND HIS MOTORCYCLE.

Starring Colin Budzyna and the Colonial Radio Players.

Executive Producer Mark Vander Berg. Produced by M.J. Cogburn. Associate Producer Jeffrey Gage. Music by Jared DePasquale. Dramatized for Audio and Directed by Jerry Robbins - From the book by Victor Appleton. Cover Art by Jeff Hayes.

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