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Prairie Home Companion, A: The 3rd Annual Farewell Performance

2 hours


The 3rd Farewell (June 10, 1989) features boogie piano player Butch Thompson, Robin and Linda Williams doing their show-stopping "Mavis and Marvin Smiley" routine, a "News from Lake Wobegon" monologue, and the latest on "Buster the Show Dog."

Contents: Hello LoveWestbound Passenger TrainPowdermilk BiscuitsA SolasFatBuster the Show Dog Greetings News From Lake Wobegon (Part One)Gospel MedleyGreat Moments in HistoryMavis & Marvin SmileyTell Me WhyEcuadorian MemoriesReaching OutDon't Let Me Come Home a StrangerGreetingsNews from Lake Wobegon (Part Two)You Don't Knock/EzekielWobegon Finale

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