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The Secret World of Polly Flint

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Polly Flint was the kind of girl who was always "seeing" mysterious things. So it was hardly a surprise when she began to pick up odd echoes and reflections after she moved into her aunt's house. But it soon becomes clear that the inhabitants of a nether world were asking Polly for help...

As soon as she arrives in Wellow, Polly Flint knows there is magic in the place. And she should know because she is an unusual girl who can see things others can't.

The story goes that if you put your ear to the ground on Sundays you could hear the church bells of the missing village of Grimstone. But Polly Flint seems to be able to call up the village that had disappeared from the face of the earth - and the people who lived in it, as they slip in and out of time.

A W. F. Howes audio production.

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