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The Secrets of Power Negotiating for Your Dream Car

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Americans probably do more negotiating on car lots than anywhere else. However, most of us are at a disadvantage, since while we may buy an automobile every two three years at most, the dealer gets to negotiate the price of automobiles day in, and day out.They have a thousand times the experience that the typical car buyer does in negotiating.
In this idea packed program, Roger Dawson, one of the most renowned authorities on the topic of negotiating worldwide, will help you to level the playing field. By giving you several negotiating gambits, tips and skills that you can use when you negotiate the price of an automobile, it will more than compensate for all that extra experience the car sales person has. Whether you are buying a new car, a used car, or even leasing a car, these techniques will enable you to walk away with the exact car you want, for thousands of dollars less than you expected to pay.

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