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The World's Worst Backpacker

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“Most people land on their feet. I land on my face.”

And, with that, Ken La Salle begins his second, autobiographical monologue. But while That Olympic Peninsula Layby put two people at odds with each other, Ken is The World’s Worst Backpacker all by himself.

From the encroaching urbanity of Irvine Park in Southern California, to the remote thoroughfare that is the Pacific Crest Trail, decades of disastrous treks should have given him a clue. They didn’t. All of those disasters stayed with him. And now, with his tongue planted in a very dry cheek (possibly his own), he shares them with you.

The World’s Worst Backpacker is for anyone who has gone on a day hike, picked up a backpack, or walked for a few days in the middle of nowhere. Ken’s stories are not just cautionary tales; they’re the kind of tales every backpacker (and would-be backpacker) acquires if they don’t stop soon enough. They’re the kind of tales that leave you wondering “Am I the worst person at this?” when you start and thankful you’re not when the story ends.

With music by Josh Woodward, Ken tears the stigma off being the worst. Now, you can be, too!

After all, we can’t all be the best but we can be the worst.

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