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To a Dreamer

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This book is sent out into the world, addressed to a dreamer. It was written during a three-year period of my life, one that started at a time when I didn’t really believe in dreams and ended with me knowing unshakably the power that dreams have to make our lives better. It is a collection of three shorter books and those books are: The Worth of Dreams The Value of Dreamers, In Our Selves, and Dreaming With Open Eyes.

Some dreamers will find this book … and one of those dreamers will be you. I hope that you find value in it. I have already learned so much from following my dream. My hope is to help you take that first step in following yours. Then, this book will have done all I hoped.

Because it’s only when we look inside of ourselves and find out what we really want that we actually become alive. The power to get everything you want out of life is within you and you can find it if you have the courage to live your dream.

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