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Heroes Reborn - Official TV Tie-In Series, Audiobook 2: A Matter of Trust

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As the number of Evolved Humans increases, so does the pressure from the governments and people of the world. Father Mauricio begins searching for a way to help all Evos after befriending a troubled teenager who possesses a devastating secret. As a priest, it is Father Mauricio's calling to protect the innocent and this includes the Evos who, by no fault of their own, find their lives and freedom being threatened.

The second in the Heroes Reborn event series of six short thrillers based on the fascinating characters and rich mythology of NBC"s world-wide hit TV series Heroes, and the highly anticipated Heroes Reborn. The new season picks up five years after the finale of the original series and finds those with special powers in a precarious and dangerous world where they are feared, persecuted and attacked.

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