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Canciones Español

Length: 31 minutes


Learning Spanish is easy with this collection of 15 songs that teach the alphabet, numbers, colors and more! This audiobook is a fun way to introduce your children to the Spanish language early on and works great!
Track List:
1. The Alphabet Song (Spanish)
2. The Hello Song (Spanish)
3. Counting From 1 to 10 SPANISH
4. Puedo contar de uno a diez
5. Diez pececitos
6. Numbers To 20 (Spanish)
7. Learning Colors (Spanish)
8. ¡Me gustan los colores! Cantar juntos
9. Colores
10. My Family Is Special (Spanish)
11. Let's Eat! (Spanish)
12. The Days Of The Week (Spanish)
13. Five Day Weather Forecast (Spanish)
14. Name The Animals (Spanish)
15. The Ocean Blue (Spanish)
Runtime: 51:56:00

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