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48 minutes


Introduce children to the Spanish language with these 12, fun songs! My First Spanish Songs is the perfect way for your little one to start learning a new language early! Studies show that children learn much faster through music, and this album is for just that! Your child will have these songs memorized and be singing them before you know it!
Track List:
1. Counting From 1 to 10 (Spanish)
2. The Hello Song (Spanish)
3. My Family Is Special (Spanish)
4. My Family - (Spanish)
5. Let's Eat! (Spanish)
6. My Grandma Likes to Cook - (Spanish)
7. Five Day Weather Forecast (Spanish)
8. What is the Weather Like Today? (Spanish)
9. What Should I Wear? - (Spanish)
10. Learning Colors (Spanish)
11. Green, Green Froggy - (Spanish)
12. Sometimes I Feel - (Spanish)

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