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My Wisdom Wake UP Call® - Daily Inspirations - Volume 2: Get a Boost of Inspiration - Whenever and Whereever You Need It!

Length: 1 hour


My Wisdom Wake UP Call® - Daily Inspirations - volume 2

Get 5-minutes of inspiration - whenever and wherever you need it– with My Wisdom Wake UP Call® daily messages with thought leader, Mary Morrissey!

Volume 2:

Creating a perfect day

Law of attraction

What you want

Old Testament story

Know for sure


The Secret


Singing changes your energy

Living in gratitude

Einstein problem solutions

Your love energy

Yoda, calming peace

Meeting with Nelson Mandela

Meeting with His Holiness the Dalai Lama

My Wisdom Wake UP Call® is part of a series of patented inspiring, motivating messages invented by former longtime Broadway star, Robin Boudreau Palmer. My Wake UP Call® Motivational Alarm Clock® Messages & My Good Night Messages™ are uniquely structured, morning and evening 5-minute messages with renowned experts and thought leaders, who bookend every day with inspiration to achieve your personal goals and dreams, instead of with blaring buzzers and negative news.

And now you can get inspired anytime, anywhere with My Wake UP Call® Motivating Messages and My Wake UP Call® Daily Inspirations!

Messages can also be automated to play with free, playlist playing alarm apps at the Apple Store, Google Play or with list of recommended apps at

As featured in SHAPE, SELF, USA Today, Fox and NBC TV & Robin's TEDx Talk, "The Most Important Minutes of Your Day."

Process Patent 8,064,295 - Motivational Alarm: “Motivational Messages Plus Alarm, Not Restricted to Wake Up.” My Wake UP Call®, My Wake UP Calls® and Motivational Alarm Clock® are 3 of 8 Registered Trademarks of My Successables™ Inc. ©2014 My Successables™ Inc. All messages and message formats are copy written. All Rights Reserved.

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