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My Good Night Messages™ and My Inspirational Lullabies™: Volume 2

Length: 1 hour


Messages include research-based, natural sleep tips and tools, relaxing meditations, and My Inspirational Lullabies™ - for dreamers of all ages.

Do you suffer from insomnia or sleep deprivation? Sleeping pills now lead the list of prescribed drugs. Psychoneurologist, Dr. Sylva Dvorak and Robin B. Palmer, inventor of My Wake UP Call® Motivational Alarm Clock® Messages, created My Good Night Messages™, research-based, sleep solutions so you can enjoy the good night’s sleep you’ve been dreaming of – safely and naturally.

Volume 2: Natural Sleep - intro from Robin Progressive Relaxation Insomnia Medications Hydration Gentle Stretches in Bed Affirmations Exercise Aging Relaxing Stretches in Bed Foot Massage Angel Box Write it Down Sleep Schedule Alcohol Aromatherapy MY INSPIRATIONAL LULLABIES™ – for Dreamers of All Ages

Written, sung and produced by longtime Broadway star, Robin Boudreau Palmer, with concert pianist Sean Chen I WISH YOU LOVE – By Robin B. Palmer & Sean Chen COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS INSTEAD OF SHEEP - By Robin B. Palmer GO TELL AUNT RODIE – New Lyrics by Robin B. Palmer GOOD NIGHT – By Robin B. Palmer & Sean Chen PEACEFUL PIANO #1 – By Sean Chen LISTEN TO YOUR HEART – By Robin B. Palmer DREAM ON – By Robin B. Palmer PEACE BE STILL - By Robin B. Palmer JACOB’S LADDER – Anonymous PEACEFUL PIANO #2 – By Sean Chen LULLABY – New Lyrics by Robin B. Palmer PRELUDE - Maurice Ravel IN THESE ROOMS – By Robin B. Palmer MENUET –Maurice Ravel AMAZING GRACE – John Newton

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