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Harry Heathcote of Gangoil

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"He was too imperious, too masterful, too much inclined to think that all things should be made to go as he would have them."

Thus Trollope describes his hero Harry Heathcote, a settler and sheep farmer in the untamed bush of Australia in 1871. However, Harry has made enemies. In seeking always to act in the honourable fashion he cannot bend and embrace the weaknesses of others. A group of ex-convicts and disgruntled ex-employees threaten to burn his land and ruin him. Harry fights to protect his family and all he has worked for, despite his fears and self doubt and the apparent recalcitrance of a neighbour, Medlicot, a "Free Selector" from the home country. Will his problems be resolved? Will he learn from his experiences? - Well this is a Christmas story!

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