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Lawrence Loves

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David Herbert Lawrence was born into a mining family in Nottinghamshire in 1885. He created his finest work shortly after the finish of the First World War. Two of the themes in his writing are the gradual disintegration of the class system and the customs and sexual mores of people across class divisions. What made Lawrence unusual was the combination of this subject matter with the style of his direct, modern prose. He was a great believer in instinct and intuition and this has the effect, as you listen to his stories, of not knowing what his characters will do nor knowing where they will arrive as a result of their ambivalence.

The short stories in this collection reflect Lawrence’s broad experience of love in all its beauty and anguish. They are presented in this order: "The Horse-Dealer’s Daughter" "Women In Love" "Tickets Please" "Shades of Spring" "Two Blue Birds" "Fannie and Annie" "Samson and Delilah" "The White Stocking"

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