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The Lost World

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Edward Malone, an enthusiastic and ambitious columnist for the Daily Gazette, is urged by the woman he loves to undertake a heroic deed so that he may earn her love in return. In a few weeks, he is bound for the shores of South America in the company of the irascible academic Summerlee and debonair adventurer Lord John Roxton on an expedition to prove the claims of bombastic genius Professor Challenger.

The professor has allegedly discovered an isolated prehistoric land on top of a huge mountain in the tropical rain forests of the Amazonian jungle, and after many trials and tribulations they are at last on the mysterious summit of these craggy cliffs - without any obvious means of returning.

The explorers need to draw on all their reserves of courage and strength as they are plunged into a nightmare world of prehistoric monsters, aggressive apemen and the Accala Indians, a tribe of bloodthirsty cave dwellers - not to mention betrayal by their own servants and the scepticism and disdain of the international scientific community.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle demonstrates the full range of his skills in this masterful story of mystery, suspense and adventure: the original scary tale of dinosaurs that still thrills and entertains.

Public Domain (P)2011 Assembled Stories

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