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Love and Mr Lewisham

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Love and Mr. Lewisham is a hugely uplifting tale from the pen of one of our greatest writers. Wells drew on his own experience as a young teacher to provide the background and, one suspects, the emotional drama. The plot enables him to satirise the educational establishment and deliver many wry observations on Victorian morality and the obsession with the supernatural.

One day Mr Lewisham sits at his makeshift desk at his lodgings. He is an assistant master at Whortley proprietary school. He is 18 years old and he has a plan. In 6 years he will be fluent in 5 languages, have a good all round education, honours from university and the means to support himself. He will become one of the leading thinkers in the new Socialist movement and eventually his name and his work will be respected by all. He will achieve greatness.This will be accomplished by diligent study. He will rise each morning at 5 and his day will be divided into work periods to enable him to develop his mind accumulating knowledge in the required subjects. His progress will be controlled by the plan - the "Schema." Nothing will get in his way.

The next day Mr Lewisham falls in love ...

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