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Rupert of Hentzau

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Anthony Hope was constrained to return to the fictional land of Ruritania by an appreciative public who wanted more swashbuckling and derring-do from the hero Rudolph and more Machiavellian moustache twirling from the suave villain Rupert.

The author came up with a literary construction which ensured he would never again have to visit fictional Ruritania - but nothing he subsequently wrote appealed as much as the two Zenda stories.

In the sequel it is the loyal courtier Fritz von Tarlenheim who recounts this story of a dastardly plot made upon Queen Flavia's honour, and again the Royal Elphberg line is threatened. Colonel Sapt and all the stalwarts are there, apart from the thuggish Black Michael, and good riddance to him!

It's a great love story with lots of action and devious deception by both the good and the bad. Listen and enjoy a marvellous tale full of intrigue, romance and incomparable adventure.

Public Domain (P)2017 Assembled Stories

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