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Sorrell and Son

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Captain Stephen Sorrell returns from the First World War decorated with the Military Cross but unnerved by the conflict. His mercenary wife has deserted him for ‘one of the fellows who stayed behind’ and left him responsible for their son Christopher.A promised position in an antique shop fails to materialise and Sorrell faces poverty. Despite losing status he takes a job as an hotel porter, cleaning shoes and carrying luggage. Thus begins the long climb to financial security, his aim, the best education possible for Christopher to achieve a career which means he will never suffer his father’s fate and, in time, that ‘Kit’ will enjoy a happy and fulfilling marriage. The bond between father and son weathers many a crisis in an uncertain Britain where the class system is eroding and sexual morality, in the thirties, appears to be a thing of the past! A million bestseller when it was first published, ‘Sorrell and Son’ continues to enthral its audience, a most heartwarming story of one man’s sacrifice and love for his child.

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