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Expect Trouble: An Operation Delphi Novel

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Just when US WAVE Livvy Delacourt thinks she and her team of psychic WWII Nazi hunters are ready for whatever The Reich can throw at them, Hitler adds to the mix a spy who also happens to be a wizard.

Now dark magic is being used to attack US facilities, and Livvy must match wits with the evil wizard, whose objective is to destroy Operation Delphi and all her team. If she fails to ramp up her psychic powers, she may perish -- and perhaps cause the US to lose the war with Germany.

A delightful mix of the paranormal and World War II historical fiction, where intuition, ghosts, fortune telling, and evil dark energy bring a whole new twist to the world of Navy command, fighting the good fight, and wartime espionage.

An Author's Republic audio production.

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