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Last Miracle. Episode 3: Unhappy Mother. Siege. Federal Inquiry.

Written by Narrated by
Length: 38 minutes


Continuation of an incredible audio blockbuster!

In the previous series: A guy with a non-trivial mindset and a dark past, Serezha, along with a hero from another world, helped the wayward girl Ole and her cheerful older brother Andrei to get their sister Vika out of the ill-fated hospital. The girl has big health problems, she urgently needs to go to sea. For the journey, Andrei and Serezha, because of past problems with the law, urgently need to adjust their past lives. What turned out all is the answer in the third episode.

The Last Miracle. Episode 3: The Unhappy Mother. Siege. Federal search. He dreams of remaining on Earth. Only here there are such oddities as a window, name, hope ... every day a traveler from another reality meets all the new miracles that we have ceased to notice. But soon he will have to return, and the way out into his world is lost among the infinite expanses of our planet.

Help in the search is only able to four guys who are outlawed, and an incomprehensible mystery. Thanks to the non-trivial thinking of young people and the alien's magic, travelers overcome constant misfortunes, but the difficulties are increasing, and the forces are fading with each passing day.

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