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Your Life Has Value: Use it or Lose it: How to Realize Your Life's Value and Fulfill Your Full Potential

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Chances are that if you're listening to this audiobook, you're feeling stuck or unsure about your life's direction. Maybe you're even wondering if it's worth the work it'll take to change.

But let me tell you: Your life has value - a value that is hard to place a monetary price tag on. You are of great value first to yourself, then to your immediate family, the community where you live, and to the country as a whole. You are a gift to the people who are closest to you; and whether you know this or not, there is a unique value that only you possess.

There is something for you to add to this world: The music you listen to is the value that someone has added to life, and the audio-book you are listening to now is the author's value to your life. Thus, by value, it is about finding your inherent abilities and talents, and using these to make a contribution to life and society. Do you know your value? Knowing your value and what your life means to those around you will enable you to bring the very best out of your life. You will be able to make a full impact on your community when you know how much your very life means to people who know and live with you.

You possess a rich reservoir of unique abilities and talents that set you apart from other people. Your smile brings cheer to someone who is suffering and in pain - an assurance that all will be well.

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