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Facts Versus Truth: Who Wins? You Decide

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Can the Holy Bible unlock miraculous power on earth? Some say yes, whilst others disagree entirely. What is the truth?

No matter what walk of life you may come from, everyone knows there is a battle coming. Many are watching for the physical signs of the prophetic Armageddon but this book brings our attention to another battle taking place right under our noses. This is an invisible battle happening in the lives of every believer in Christ.

For some, its existence is very obvious whilst others are completely impervious to the spiritual carnage taking place around them. Some will readily accept what I have to say in this book whilst others will reject most of it.

We are locked in a vicious war for supremacy between sensual facts and biblical truth. Which will win in your life? The answer may be more important than we realize.

This book examines many deep truths including: Why are some healed whilst others suffer? Do we really believe the Word of God? Is the Bible really the ultimate authority in our lives? How do we exercise real faith for a healing from God? Is sickness a fact of life that we must live with or is there a greater revelation from God's Word that can set us free from it?

Facts Versus Truth places you in the center of the courtroom of faith and healing. The question is, who will win? You decide.

An Author's Republic audio production.

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