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Mental Health: From Head to Heart: The Science of Emotions

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Mental Health today is becoming a big issue. It can manifest itself in a whole manner of guises and with the exception of clinical disorders one can usually and very successfully self remedy the situation. Talking yourself into a depression shouldn't be on the agenda yet many do just that then wonder why they are like they are. There are other types of mental anguish that people get into and it is aligned to how they feed their minds and the detritus they gloat over in glossy magazines and cheap gossip columns.

What we say and do we get feedback from ourselves so subliminally we get caught up in our own demise and then fuels even more negativity or places aspects of life beyond where you can reach it all and thus a degree of morbidity ensues. This audio-book goes through a series of protocols and scenarios that we can often get caught up in.

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