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Love (Concise Version): From Head to Heart: The Science of Emotions

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Love is that element in life that we need to make it wholesome and full of meaning. We need to love and be loved, for if we are not we have a void within us that won't ever be quenched. Even if one chooses to be single there is usually a significant few that make it all worthwhile. There are many aspects of love as it literally consumes all areas of our life especially when we are under pressure or feeling low. Love is a healing, comforting, stabilizing presence within us.

Where love is evil isn't and where love is we feel more of the hope and ability to endure what we are going through than those who seek to flaunt love for material or selfish reasons. One should never ever overrule love it is there for a purpose and it never runs out. The more love you give to others the more it is replenished.

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