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Getting Upset: From Head to Heart: The Science of Emotions

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We all get upset from time to time. It happens when people do things to us when we wouldn't have done the same to them. When we get bad service from our bank or other company, it happens everywhere. Then there are those useless politically correct morons who are forever getting upset or offended because they can't get to grips with free speech and that others have different views than they have.

We need to understand why we get upset and what we can do about it, just sitting there wallowing in your own negative juice isn't going to help nor solve anything. Our own attitude and feelings need to be appeased and understood and we need to similarly see the bigger picture and incorporate your own worth and value in that. So many people get upset and make an issue out of it as it plays on their ego, they don't respect themselves and thus get caught up in a spiral of anger and upset.

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