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Cloak: A Protector Story
Cloak: A Protector Story
Cloak: A Protector Story
Audiobook34 minutes

Cloak: A Protector Story

Rating: 0 out of 5 stars


About this audiobook

Shattered by family tragedies, Harry Turpin does his best to lead a life of mediocrity, sheltering himself from strong emotion and the risks of love and commitment.

When his girlfriend dumps him for a snide would-be magician, Harry’s life begins to take a very strange turn. As the mysteries about his family and his own stunted emotional growth begin to mount, Harry has to do something to shrug off the cloak he’s been living under.

The fate of his ex-girlfriend… and maybe a lot more… hangs on his decision.

This short story is 34 minutes long.

Release dateMar 27, 2015
Cloak: A Protector Story

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