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The best seller “The Path to the Moon" by Omiros Avramidis with more than 120.000 sales, is now available in Audio Book.

Book Summary

"When night falls, the moon will ' come towards you, and I, from the foreign country I will be follow it every night. I will follow the way of the Moon and will fall in your lap...

These thoughts that were never expressed were interrupted by the siren of Queen Mary that sounded for last time. The waters beneath the ocean liner began boiling, while over gunwale hundreds of bodies leaned towards the waterfront, and hundreds of hands waved swinging left and right in a farewell that came from the depths of the soul.

Chrysa stood too long at the stern of the ship staring at the port that withdrew, the port where she had left her heart, getting in the way of immigration ".

Omiros Avramidis illuminates human ideal starting from a love story and going through the tragedy of Turkish invasion in Cyprus in 1974. As an eyewitness of the events he describes historical moments by referring to photos – documents, published in international headlines at the time.

"The way of the Moon" is the second of the seventeen novels by Omiros Avramidis, and contains many experiential elements of the invasion in Cyprus and the waves of immigrants previous decades, which changed the human geography in many countries of the world.

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