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Mindscape Complete Trilogy: Queen & Knight, Castle & Bishops, King's Endgame

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When magic darkens the world, love shines. 

Newly wedded Madeline and Ciaran return home to Eudaiz - a prosperous universe faraway from Earth - to rule the monarchy, only to find out that the power promised to them is only good in theory.

Unfortunately, everyone in the Eudaizian Court, including their previous friends and allies, wants Ciaran's kingship. To Ciaran and Madeline have to rely on new friends and random strangers.

With double-crosses at every turn, their next choice for an ally could be their last.

No assistance. No power. The only weapon they have is their love for each other.

They know victory comes at a cost. They're prepared to hustle to protect their growing family and innocent citizens. But what if peace demands a sacrifice they couldn't afford?

Mindscape (also called Kiss of Mayhem) is a romantic fantasy series . If you love fascinating worlds, intriguing supernatural mysteries, compelling couples and their love stories, grab the complete series and enjoy the journey. 

This trilogy is part of the Multiverse Collection by D.N. Leo. More information can be found at

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