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Learn Bulgarian: Discover Bulgarian Culture & Traditions

4 hours


Want to learn and speak Bulgarian?

Fact: One of the BEST ways to start speaking Bulgarian is to learn more words!

The more you know, the more you speak, right? But if you want to impress natives and sound like a native, you'll need Bulgarian words that are not taught in textbooks. You'll need to learn about the details of Bulgarian culture as well. And you get just that with "Learn Bulgarian: Discover Bulgarian Culture & Traditions" by

Are you ready to learn language and culture at the same time?

Get Access to 25 Bulgarian Audio Lessons Total Length of the Audiobook: 4 Hours Learn 125+ Bulgarian Words & Phrases Master Words & Phrases with Example Sentences Learn All About Bulgarian Culture, Traditions & Way of Life Learn the must-know Travel Phrases with the Travel PDF Cheat Sheet (linked below) Who is this for?

This book is for beginners and experienced learners alike. You learn native-level phrases that textbooks don't teach you as well as Bulgarian culture.

How will you learn Bulgarian?

Just listen, repeat and read along. You can repeat and review your lessons as many times as you want for extra practice.

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