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Naya Qanoon

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Naya Qanoon is a classic Urdu short story set in the back ground of British rule in the Sub Continent. It was inspired by the promulgation of the Act of India 1935. The story revolves around a tonga driver, Mangoo, who despises the British Colonizers and cannot wait for the new Act which he mistakenly believes will end colonial rule. He receives a big shock when on the first day under the new act he refuses to be humiliated by a British customer and hits back. He is shocked when he is arrested for assualting a Gora Sahib. Saadat Hassan Manto (May 11 ,1912 - Jan 18 1955) was a short story writer of Kashmiri heritage. He is best know for his short stories, 'Bu', 'Khol Do', ' Thanda Gosht', and his magnum opus, Toba Tek Shingh

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