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Shafiq-ur-Rahman (9 November 1920 – 19 March 2000) was a Pakistani humorist and a short-story writer in Urdu. He was a medical doctor by profession, and served in the Pakistan Army. He received Hilal-e-Imtiaz for his military and civilian services. Rahman's work added a new dimension to humour in Urdu literature; His unforgettable characters include Razia, Shaitaan, Hukoomat Aapa, Maqsood Ghora, Buddy, Judge Sahab, Nannha and many others.This collection cotains a selection of three stories from the book Shagoofay. 1)Bari Appa. Dramatic style narration. Narrated by Arif Bahalinm, Aeman Najmi, Anjuman Irfan and Khalfan2)Sarhay Chay, Narrated by Arif Bahalim 3)Darpook, Narrated by Arif Bahalim

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