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Peter Ustinov – The Grand Prix of Gibraltar: A devastating look at sports car racing

56 minutes


Imagine a Formula One race on the small rock of Gibraltar – and actor legend Peter Ustinov does not only speak all the roles but also all the cars! Listen to the craziest car race ever, with Ustinov giving his impressions of stern German car racers, French bonvivants, Italian impresarios with a short temper, English sports – and Russian spies! A true gem! Contents: Prologue, Interviews with von Grips, Altbauer, Orgini, Fandango, Foss, Dill, and Russian observer, Drivers' meeting, Governor's speech, Le Mans start, The arrival of the Duke, The race: Fanfani pit stop, Wildfowl pit stop, Halfway report, Russian observer, Schnorcedes pit stop, Pinfall pit stop.

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