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Learn Cantonese: A Complete Phrase Compilation for Traveling to Hong Kong

10 hours


Always wanted to learn Cantonese? Or, are you planning to visit Hong Kong and want to speak with confidence?

Whether you're a beginner or are prepping for a trip, you'll love this Audiobook compilation.

With Traveling to Hong Kong, your trip to Hong Kong will be smooth and enjoyable. Why? You will learn and master travel phrases for getting around, basic conversations and cultural insights through 100 easy lessons. It's everything you need to get by and impress Cantonese natives.

Just listen, read along and repeat. No painful grammar lessons inside.

This audiobook is for brand new learners with no language experience and travelers.

You will learn...
- Greetings & Basic Conversations
- How to Order Food & Shop for Souvenirs
- How to Book Hotels and Take Transportation
- Getting Help in English or Calling for Help
- Must-Know Hong Kong Cultural Tips and Manners

By the end of this Audiobook, you will be able to speak basic Cantonese, shop, get around, ask for directions and understand the ins and outs of Hong Kong culture.

Here's what you get:
- 10.5 Hours in Total
- 1 Bonus Audiobook: The Master Guide to Hong Kong Holidays

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