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How to Sex Your Snake

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A pool of blood...

A missing body...

A brother accused of murder...

June Nash has the worst luck.

June's got a pretty cushy job as the personal assistant to her twin brother, star of the number one nature show on TV. And then he's accused of murder. 

And that's not good. Famous people and handcuffs are a terrible combination. Networks tend to fire first and ask questions later. June does not want to lose her cushy assistant job. Or, you know, see her bother end in jail. 

Luckily, the sheriff is their mom's coffee buddy and agrees to keep the arrest off the books for 48 hours, while he investigates. As long as June keeps her distance. 

Of course, she immediately stumbles onto a clue that will clear her brother's name. If only she can get to a phone.

Desperate to deliver the evidence, the reluctant adventurer hooks up with her arch nemesis as they dodge creepy crawlies, gangsters with a grudge, and The Dewzers, her brother's unhinged hardcore fans.

Stuck in the worst misadventure of her life, it's a race against time with the outcome leaning heavily toward a blast-I'm-going-to-die kinda weekend.

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