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What’s the biggest contributor to stress, or lack of ease in our lives? Time. How we spend it, use it, and sometimes waste it. We live as though we don’t have anything to say about time; but we can shift our relationship to time. “Time management” is not the answer—making the most out of your time is not about cramming more tasks onto your to-do list.

The author of the best-selling book, Doing Less & Having More, (seen on Oprah) Marcia Wieder, CEO of Dream University, is an expert in helping you spend more time doing what you love. Here she offers a fresh and creative approach for shifting your relationship to time, which will improve the caliber of your relationships and the quality of your life.

This program includes:

The Concept of Time Untimely Management Prisoners of Time The Illusion of Time What About Now? “No More…Now What?” A New Relationship to Time Ease and Extra Time Naturally On Time Asking for Help Time-Saver “Basix” Time to Live

The secret to living a joyful, fulfilled life is to do more of what you love every day. In this program, you will learn to turn your life “right side up,” so when you open your calendar what you will see primarily are activities that move you forward on your dreams that are aligned with your purpose. This is what creating a dream come true life and living “on purpose” is all about.

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