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The Secrets of Finessing: How You Communicate

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When you first meet someone new and are communicating and building a positive connection, you need to hit every sense possible. For instance, think about your own dating experience. To make a deeper connection with that person and get them to like you more you automatically break out of your old communication patterns. You are both looking at each other often. You are talking about everything that comes to mind (and you are actually listening to each other.) You want to be near them and are touching each other frequently. You wear perfume or cologne so you smell great, and you are eating and sharing tastes of many things. You are hitting every sense you can as often as possible to show that person you are a good catch.

Social Psychologist Dr. Larry Iverson will show you precisely what you need to do to make a positive connection with others easier and faster than you have ever done before. You will learn how to stay more calm when interacting with people for the first time. You will gain insights into how to become a better conversationalist so the connection flows more smoothly. Networking and building a good connection from the beginning is beyond having a memorized “elevator speech”. In this program you will learn strategies for opening up conversations and keeping them flowing with ease.

Learn multiple ways to pace people so they immediately feel comfortable with you. Know how to be more graceful in the “communication dance” of interacting with someone you just met. Learn a fast process for calming yourself in situations where you usually feel tense. Gain a communication technique used by John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. that made them powerful and persuasive communicators. Know how to “read” the other persons nonverbal language so you can build a positive connection.

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