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Write It and They Will Pay … Not Necessarily

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Do you want to enter the competitive world of motivational speaking? If so, you need to take your public speaking to a new level. Everybody and their mother-in-law seem to want to enter the field of professional speaking. How can you position yourself and your expertise so you are the client's obvious choice? Be honest, do you have a speech that is so interesting, versatile, and structured to adapt to various audiences and industries? One which showcases your expertise? That every time you deliver it you are guaranteed to receive more bookings? When was the last time you revisited your content to improve it?

In this Fripp program you will learn to:

Gain immediate attention Connect emotionally with your audience Demonstrate how the listener can benefit from hiring you Prove the credentials mentioned in your introduction Maximize your chance of repeat bookings Take your speech to the next level Speak to be remembered and repeated

This audiobook can take your performance from good to great!"

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