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Victors Without Victims: Managing Conflict for a Positive Outcome

48 minutes


Conflict is inevitable. Anger, blame and grudges are not. Conflict is normal, natural and occurs in every arena in life. We can’t avoid conflict, but the way we deal with it will determine whether it is a constructive or destructive force.

This audiobook will focus on guidelines and techniques for opening the lines of communication, boosting morale and fostering teamwork in conflict situations.

Topics covered are:

What is conflict and why does it feel so bad? Anger is life affirming: it calls for change Power as the center of conflict Nip it in the bud: how to recognize and resolve potential conflict before it escalates Confronting the conflict: timing, planning and face needs How to make your adversary your ally What steps to take when the other person does not want to solve the problem and Avoiding conflict can make you sick

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