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Peter Pan And Wendy

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Adapted from James Barrie's original book, CART takes us on a whimsical, comedic, and moving journey about a Lost Boy who would never grow up. Samantha Eggar's ideal Mrs. Darling whose secret kiss no one can get, Linda Henning's Tinker Bell and her naughty fairy language, and Louis Nye as the perfect pencil-pusher Mr. Darling and his alter ego, Captain Hook, are all true to the author's intent.

STARRING: RODDY McDOWALL as James Barrie, SAMANTHA EGGAR as Mrs. Darling and Wendy, LOUIS NYE as Captain Hook and Mr. Darling, LINDA HENNING as Tinker Bell and Jane, WILLIAM WINDOM as Mr. Smee as The Never Bird, MARTY MAGUIRE as Slightly Soiled and Starkey, ADAM PETERSON as The Lost Boy, WHITNEY DICKINSON as Michael, IAN DICKINSON as John; with CART's Announcer, JOHN HARLAN; AND, PEGGY WEBBER as Peter Pan.

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