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Tillo and other Urdu Children's Stories

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A collection of timeless Urdu Children's stories and folk tales. Includes original Urdu fiction and translated stories in easy to understand language. Sure to provide hours of listening pleasure to both parents and children. A fun way to brush up on elementary Urdu while letting your imagination run wild as you are transported to mythical lands and far away places! Titles include: 1) Tillo Ko Lay Gaey Choor 2)Tillo Ban Gaya Doctor 3)Tillo Nay Darzion Ko Seena Sikhaya 4)Tillo Nay Gadhay Ko Parhna Sikhaya 5)Apni Asliyat Ko Na Bhoolo 6) Bewaqoof Kuttiya 7)Boorhay Ka Khazaana 8)Chacha Bhulakkarr 9)Chhota Naam Barra Kaam 10) Dost Wo Hai Jo Waqt Par Kaam Aye 11)Gadhay Ki Hajaamat 12)Kachwa Aur Khargosh 13)Khiyaali Pulao 14) Naykee Ka Badla

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