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People Problems?: How to Create People Solutions for a Competitive Advantage

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How to turn your people into your greatest competitive advantage—even if you're surrounded by people problems now

People problems? We’ve all experienced them. Problems with: performance, leadership, engagement, turnover, clarity & focus, cooperation...  The list goes on.

But what if you could turn it around and transform your people into a competitive advantage?

Processes and technology have been optimized to the point that it's very difficult to gain a competitive edge there. But people remain a largely untapped pool of potential. Today’s world is rapidly changing and highly unpredictable. Your organization can go from dominant player to out of business almost overnight! If you can learn to optimize your workforce and become a flexible, adaptable, learning organization, then you can shift and adjust to whatever happens. You go from “hang on and hope”  to “survive and thrive.”

This book will show you a simple, practical approach to optimizing your workforce and tapping into the potential that’s there waiting. 

How do I know? I'm Brad Wolff, the people maximizer. I specialize in workforce optimization to help companies gain a competitive edge through their “human potential resources.” I've spent more than 20 years in the talent acquisition and retention business. I have a Professional Coaching Certification, a certification in Managing Change in Human Systems and 10+ years’ experience working with and understanding the pros and cons of multiple assessment tools. I wrote this book because my passion is empowering people to create the business success and life fulfillment they desire. In today's business world, that's impossible without making the most of your people.

In this book, you'll learn:

 How to turn your people problems around and create people solutions in your organization  How to increase your employees' productivity and motivation in a deep, lasting way  One key success secret you can learn from Google, no matter where you are in business  How to inspire your workforce to adopt better habits, create employee connection, and work as a team  The crucial 7 steps you can take to optimize your workforce  The keys to tra

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