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The Italian You Won't Forget

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Please Note: This audiobook is in Italian. 

This subliminal program is for learners of Italian and contains binaural beats, pink noise, classical music and sounds of nature. Hear, learn and speak Italian with confidence. 

Research shows that with the right technology and deep meditation, you can speed up your learning and retain what you have learnt. Positive attitude, willpower, and good mental state are indispensable for success in any endeavor; learning a foreign language is hard work and the main obstacle is retention. There's no magic bullet but you can make it easier for yourself. Italian pronunciation follows the spelling closely. 

This program, which features binaural beats (hearing sensations), takes you step by step where you listen to the native speaker, relax with sounds of nature and baroque music (first 3 and half minutes), and retain the material. The technology of auditory beats and isochronic pulses is not new: if well applied by following the simple tips provided, it can give you an edge in remembering more in less time. This is a subliminal program you use before bed with good quality headphones, preferably over-the-ear with noise canceling; you shall repeat until your subconscious takes care of the rest. You must do absolutely nothing before you fall asleep. Day after day you will gradually remember the lessons. On a separate session, during day time, review the written material (the eBook is available at major retailers). Use the recording twice a day, at night and early in the morning for at least 30 days. The first three and a half minutes will lead you into a relaxing state, to set your mind ready for learning. Always play the program from start to finish, and let nothing disturb you. 

All the best, learn well and keep up with the good work. Ciao! 

WARNING: Useless without headphones. Do not use while driving or operating machinery. If you are epileptic, consult a neuro specialist before listening to binaural beats.

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