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The Jolly Sailor

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The Jolly Sailor is a pirate comedy drama for teenagers. It is based around a group of friends known as the Posse, and among them is William who is, to say the least, not the adventurous type. You could say he had had a sheltered life because that is how his father, a customs officer, had it arranged. If he had known that his mother was Gracie O'Donnell - the Pirate Queen - his life might have been very different.

On a trip to France to pick up documents, William is kidnapped by the Cornish Captain Rumtug and his daughter, Martha May, and traded as a commodity with a price on his head.

He become reunited with a family he never knew he had, and everything changes for William - he will never be the same again.

After a rough and tumble of events, we arrive at the big finale.

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