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Facing the Truth of Your Life

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We are born into the school of life. Everything that happens, big and small, soft and hard, is a lesson about who we are and how the world works. Once we leave home, it is necessary to reexamine those lessons and the conclusions that we took from them. Only then can we begin to separate from who we were told we were supposed to be and find out who we truly are.

Facing the Truth of Your Life is a guide to both begin to question and to take some deep hard looks at those conclusions that control how you see the world. It is both validating and confronting while supporting you in uncovering, processing, and freeing yourself from ideals, beliefs, perspectives, and absolute facts that don't work for you anymore. Only then can you create the possibility of knowing you and finding a deep, lasting happiness.

Too much of life is about running from the pain of the past and present. If you are ready to stop or at least consider stop running, then you are ready for Facing the Truth of Your Life.

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