Bad Boys: 3 Book Romance Bundle

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Bad Boys: 3 Book Romance Bundle

Written by Scarlett Press

Narrated by Juliana Solo

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars3.5/5 (6 ratings)
Length: 11 hours


 Two novellas and a novel full of dark bad boys who see the light. 



Bad Daddy: 


He’ll make her pay. 


Powerful and ruthless Marco Giannis suspects Dru Stark is having an affair with his little sister’s husband. 


When he discovers Dru’s calculating plans to get pregnant, he steps in to stop her scheme by seducing away the temptress from his brother-in-law. 


Dru has motives beyond his protective and jealous understanding, but he mangles their relationship with his cold brutality. Getting Dru pregnant with his baby ruins any possibilities when he demands that they marry, but she won’t surrender. 


It’s going to take some passionate persuasion to convince Dru he is sincere, along with doing something he’s never done before. The powerful Giannis is going to have to open his heart if he has any hope of ever persuading Dru to be his wife. 



Bad Husband: 


I never wanted to like f*ing her. 


Carter Maxim has spent more than twenty years plotting his vengeance. 


Two people ruined his father’s life and left Carter an orphan. His ex-stepmother and her new husband. He’ll take everything from them. 


He’s ruined their business and owns their home. There’s only one last move to make. He wants to take a wife from the family to replace the one who left years ago. 


Their daughter, shy and innocent college student Emily, will do nicely as the sacrificial lamb for the Kisadda family. He might not have much in common with his bookworm, robotics-major blackmailed bride, but bending her to his will is almost as sweet as his retribution. 



Bad Influence: 


Pay up or put out. 


That’s the price. 

Shana Green’s father is a drunk in debt. In debt to a very bad man. Mickey B has his eye on repayment, but on his own terms. It’s going to take an awful lot of f*ing to pay back a debt which isn’t even her own. 


Donnell exploded into her life and then back out. He ruined their parent’s marriage and left Shana stuck with a deadbeat dad. At first, Shana liked her new stepbrother, then she hated him. He ran with Mickey B’s crowd, and everyone said he was the dangerous kind. 


Now that indentured servitude may be her only option, Donnell is back and staking his claim. She couldn’t trust him before, why should she trust him now? 


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